2013/Digital Preservation

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Digital Preservation


  • npdoty.name
  • bradfitz.com
  • dreev.es
  • caseorganic.com
  • aaronparecki.com

The Brain

What do you need?

Words in the post title get turned into tags

Types of content archived

  • Photos
  • Emails sent and received
    • BCC'd the wordpress site on important or interesting emails sent or received
  • PDFs
  • Take a picture of a notebook
  • Audio recordings
  • Screenshots of websites (mostly to Flickr)

Other private info

  • bank account numbers

Things I would like to archive privately

  • Sleep logs
  • Personal life logger
    • Not necessarily concerned with privacy of content, but most people don't care about the details of things like sleep logs, runs, food eaten


Other services

  • Evernote - but this is a startup that may be acquired and shut down (see http://indiewebcamp.com/site-deaths)
  • Zotero - citation manager
  • Pinboard for bookmarks
  • Flickr for photos

The case against everything buckets




  • gmvault - http://gmvault.org/
  • private etherpad instance
    • gives the URL to anyone who he wants to see it
    • etherpads are backed up to laptop for offline access


  • can read your email looking for flight confirmations
  • or can forward to a special email address


  • caseorganic uses it as a visual bookmark system
  • screenshot of a web page or photo, copy+paste the article text


  • http://erinjorichey.com/blipbits
  • semanticscuttle
  • pjf has 507 tabs open currently
  • vimperator (vim bindings for Firefox)
    • `t` - start typing keywords, searches browser history by most recently used
  • social fixer - browser plugin to hide stories from Facebook, can add filters to ignore stories about keywords

storing people details

  • want a system to store info about people
  • name, foursquare account, picture, where we met, etc
  • wordpress with custom post type
  • google contacts
  • LDAP or CardDAV - can add this account on your phone

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