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  • Shane - host, working on a composite feed for his site
  • erinjo - updating photo posts daily photos to have a unique URL per photo
  • jlsuttles - ruby microformats parser
  • tantek - hoping to get rel-syndication discovery working - paste in permalink to aaronpk's note, discovering the tweeted syndicated post as well and linking up the reply properly
  • jessica - from SF, working on microformats parser open issues with ruby gem with jlsuttles
  • davy - PDX - working on pirate game for rubyconf, peer-to-peer game in ruby
  • steveklabnik
  • rknLASF - will be working on a basic blogging system set up - python? node.js?
  • aaronpk - publishing travel itinerary
  • snarfed - bridging microformats and webmentions to silos
  • bret - Helping pump.io be more indieweb friendly

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