2013/Marketing Jam Session

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Rob Lord started discussion.

We have a lot of innovation at Mozilla, but not always enough marketing focus to keep up.

It's hard to know if your tech is actually connecting with users. Are we making progress?

Tantek talks about Dogfooding, your passionate about it. Public good, adtpion improves the world.

Drucker, - Comanies do two things - Innovate and Market. Example Apple

When you have an Open Source project and you have a goal. How do you make it sustainable? -- Ben

Pay for itself, involve more people

Services are so different than code that you just run for yourself.

Capacity building - from non-profits

How does Persona try to solve the Adoption problem?

  • KPI Dashboard
  • User testing with developers on the API (2 years ago, OpenPhoto developers etc)
  • Cyc

Where is Persona going?

  • Cohort analysis

Brett Slatkin showed his Cohort Analysis dashboard http://bslatkin.github.io/cohorts/

Persona has a 3 party cold start problem.

  • Users
  • RP (say Wikipedia)
  • IdP (Say gmail.com)

We need to analize those 3 funnles and iterate

We need a go to market strategy that is realistic to current market conditions.

Documentary No! http://azstarnet.com/entertainment/movies/no-brings-gritty-documentary-feel-to-pinochet-s-chile-of/article_c13e0ca2-7769-544c-a65a-f03e0f8e4f81.html

On IndieWeb we need to sell on positives, only! -- @haxor

What is positive about the openweb. http://indiewebcamp.com/why

Tantek - What about the phone number analogy? (over time people replaced their business phone onto their companies biz card, but now they put their own now)

Positives... the positives for who?

Some comapanies can't use FB because of the the contract. OpenWeb has lots of free liceneses :)

Universityies, government have policy restrictions. Japanese govt, identities must be in Japan.

Social Proof - unusual social situation. people around them have better ... like peer pressure

The Marketing thing has never been done. If we can do this [with Persona as an example] then we can do the next thing with Marketing awareness and User centered design.

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