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Monday 24th Feb

Tuesday 25th Feb

  • Discussion about microformatted markup making it easier for feed readers to parse the html that they get in atom/rss
  • cweiske appears to be suggesting that we focus on APIs, rather than simply microformats.
  • Tantek found that ATOM is much bigger than just html for posts. “hence my Atom feed only has 3 items now, while my home page has 16.”
  • Discussion about atom/rss versus html + microformats. There were concerns about performance (lots of people querying an index.html page). Tantek points out h-feed (http://indiewebcamp.com/h-feed) in response.
  • There’s talk of superfeedr.com for PuSH
  • A few people are now adding h-feed to their sites in order to better support the in-development indie-readers.
  • Tom Morris has got some geolocation code updated on his site.

Wednesday 26th Feb

Thursday 27th Feb

  • Made some changes to the wiki to try to make it more approachable
  • Discussion of POSSE to instagram
  • Complaints about FB event page redesign

Friday 28th Feb