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IndieWebCamp 2014 Berlin

Saturday, June 28, 2014


Overview & history of the Indie Web movement – Why an Indie Web?

approach, dogfooding

Current apps & projects

What you currently use / pain points

  • Brennan: Social Igniter posting to Twitter, App.net, Facebook, IRC, email
  • Jan: mostly Email, Github, IRC, ownCloud. Some Textsecure/SMS, Twitter, Meetup.com
  • Malte: mainly Email, IRC, Diaspora
  • Joe: Medium
  • Garret: mostly Github, IRC. Facebook with friends, some Foursquare
  • Diego: mostly Facebook and Twitter, email, Github
  • Joachim: problem that most networks are very quantitative than qualitative. Working on Jolocom
  • Christian: removed entries from every social network 2 years ago. Problem: getting judged by others on posts and superficial aspects. Their inability to present diversity in a character. Inability to - at least easily - push only relevant info to the relevant people (groups are not sufficient) Also working on Jolocom
  • Jon : all of them. federation and transclusion missing everywhere

Of the current "silos" what do you use?

  • Facebook DR, BN, GA, JL, JR
  • Twitter DR, JC, BN, GA, JL, JR
  • Github: JC, BN, GA, DR, JR
  • Tumblr
  • Instagram

What you would want (ideally)

What is your ideal publishing platform for a more open, decentralized, free, and IndieWeb in one sentence

  • bnvk: a way to collaboratively organize events & calendars using IW protocols
  • jancborchardt: a simple unified cross-platform messaging tool
  • almereyda: flow charts of POSSE and PESOS and Bridgy and Webmention
  • DR: Promote POSSE and give people tools to became owners of their own identity.
  • AS: a tool that properly reads my mind
  • Joachim: More qualitative networks. Everyone could have their own mini-platform. Try to prevent overflow of information
  • Christian: Less noise, not cluttering people’s attention. Something which is personally tailored

What can you do?

=== Ideas for platforms & tools**

Funding models