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notes from the micropub session:

ben.thatmustbe.me has an implementation of delete and update now:

  • adds two OAuth scopes (edit and delete)
  • undelete would fall under delete scope

Currently other actions besides create are specified by an "operation" field (though "create" is specified for completeness)

  • operation=delete
  • operation=edit
  • operation=undelete
  • operation=syndicate

currently ben has no way to remove a title (no current difference between handling a field empty vs a field not present)

after deleting a post, ben's logged-in view shows the post with "deleted"

silo examples of removing partial content:

  • composing a tweet, attaching a photo, removing the photo before posting
  • removing facebook preview from the post
  • google+ removing a circle that a post is shared with

Different kinds of

  • updating: changing existing values
  • updating: deleting existing values (removing tags, removing location)
  • updating: adding new values (adding tags, or adding location)
  • delete: whole post
  • undelete: whole post

how to handle add/remove from fields that have multiple values? (tags, syndication targets)

a micropub request to syndicate - not just an edit, since it's not idempotent

  • action=syndicate?

how to create/edit ACL for a post in micropub?

querying micropub endpoint for the list of syndication targets

go to Quill, Quill prompts you to click a checkbox to say "use this as my default post interface"

other things to query for:

  • list of categories you might want to add to a post, maybe for an autocomplete interface
  • list of people you want to tag - (once someone implements people tagging of course