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CMS was a session at IndieWebCamp UK 2014.

Notes archived from: https://etherpad.mozilla.org/indiewebcamp-cms

When: 2014-09-06 12:20

Hashtag: #CMS


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Discussion comparing different ways to use and/or build CMSes.

Roll your own?

  • Hard!
  • Requires maintenance
  • often happens because current tools don't do what you want
  • Customization
  • Learn stuff?
  • Ops Overhead

From group, six people had rolled their own, a few ruby and PHP, mentions of C#, Node, Python and Go.

Data Storage

  • Databases
    • Each system uses their own format
    • You have to write Exporter / Importer
    • "Bro, do you even backup?"
  • HTML
    • Much harder to lose / corrupt
    • Viewable in the browser

Off the shelf

  • Lock in?
  • Easy mode
  • Tested
  • possibly crufty


Ones that people at talk had used:

  • Django CMS (Python)
  • Drupal (PHP)
  • Wordpress (PHP)
  • Kirby (PHP)
  • MUDX (PHP)
  • Expression Engine (PHP)
  • Craft (PHP)
  • TYPO3 (PHP)
  • Ghost (Node)
  • Jekyll (Ruby)
  • Hoisted (PHP)
  • Perch (PHP)
  • Docpad (PHP)


  • Known