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Backlog was a session at IndieWebCamp UK 2014.

Notes archived from: https://etherpad.mozilla.org/indiewebcamp-indiebacklog

When: 2014-09-06 14:45


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  • Importing past twitter/content creation elsewhere:
  • Duplicating content - it's good to share out stuff, but there is no contextual link.
    • As a reader, there is no immediate distinction between original and duplicate.
    • The tweet can be an alternative representation, results in incorrect bridging -- avoid that duplication.
  • Backlog
    • Can be useful for historical references
    • Use cases: preserving the data for you personally OR as an alternative means of discovery.
      • Regarding Soundcloud: save the data.
        • Metric
      • Can be set to automatically update from your site when posted elsewhere.
      • Youtube: until IndieWeb is big enough, it makes more sense to gather views elsewhere.
      • Twitter: follower count is less important for trust, can be inflated.
    • It's harder to import a backlog, than it is to update as you go. You can always fix the published date. Starting somewhere and going forward.
    • One implementation of importing backlog: http://www.freedom.io/ , https://github.com/snarfed/freedom . Imports FB/Twitter/G+/Instagram to Dropbox, WordPress[.com], Tumblr, Blogger. Maps posts one-to-one, preserves comments, pictures, etc. Very rough but mostly works.
  • If everything is on the same domain, it can link interests.
  • Aggregates: having one core identity is useful, but it is just as useful separating out the content streams. It's beneficial having an activity stream in one place, but having all the content in the same place does more harm than good (especially with diverse interests).
    • The core identity stream creates identity alongside trust. Currently, twitter/fb represent those individual activity streams.
  • The idea of having a single identity is probably inherited from Facebook.
    • There is a strength in separating things out -- it becomes a question of discoverability.
  • KCLTheatre:
    • importing feeds is really easy, importing Calendar items is also a very useful task. Becomes an idea of merging three sources of information. Tags can be a reference to other things; but importing blog posts and other main content creation points can be quite spammy.
  • Feedreaders don't rank in terms of interest, they focus on chronological stuff.
    • Too many uninteresting posts, and you end up with a loss of subscription.
  • If the web becomes more indie, there is an opportunity to step on people's toes with content.