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Session Notes

Talking about how we can indieweb on the super cheap / free

Tumblr maybe? Indie-version of tumblr

Tumblr is close to zines and offers an easy publishing mechanism but restricts content types, control, creativity, ownership

LiveJournal communities and privacy controls

~anonymity~ is super important for activists, keep professional life and activist life separate.

What are the constraints or barriers to publishing on the web? Why would people care to post outside the motivations of promotion or money? How can we make this fun and creative.

young people: apathy, boredom, don't really care about what they post on the web

education about how to self-host, not bound by the commercial dictates of something else

even if it's more difficult than tumblr, people will hop over the barrier in order to be able to own their own content

people will learn a markup language if there's a perceived benefit to them

static sites -- really cheap, stable, scalable

how to do a 2 hour indie publishing workshop: quick results a simple project template for that 2 hour period that could be set up by participants to a, have after the workshop, b) show them how web publishing could work for them. doesn't have to be about pesos/posse but more about overcoming apathy towards the web. think arduino talks at every tech conference.

nearlyfreespeech.net for cheap shared hosting

https://neocities.org/ was mentioned


Can we make a zine about this? as a way to attract arists groups. IPRC in portland!

"Generation Like" http://bret.io/2014/06/15/likes/

GPG is a good method for authenticating without involving a third party