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This is an experiment in summarizing the events of the previous week

IndieWebCamp Düsseldorf last weekend was a great success, with more than 30 participants coming from all over the world! The event spurred some cool new tools and a bunch of great blog posts. Aaron Parecki introduced an awesome new interface for writing long-form articles, built in to his micropub client, Quill. Now any site that supports posting via micropub can use a beautiful Medium-inspired editor to write posts. Many of the hack day projects involved adding Webmention and Micropub support to a bunch of different platforms -- Jekyll, Drupal, phpADNSite, Kirby CMS, and more!

Go enthusiasts got a boost this week as Andy Leap, a relative newcomer to the IRC channel, has been churning out indieweb libraries left and right, including a new microformats2 parser for go.

Kevin Marks's new mf2 parser feature called "rel-urls" was adopted by mf2py and released in version 0.2.6. "rel-urls" is a new field in the JSON output that contains detailed properties for each rel url. It's useful for things like feed discovery and XFN.

Known released a new version, and the Bridgy team continues to grapple with Facebook's API 2.x changes (which is proving to be a bit of a moving target).

Originally posted on kylewm.com