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Location and checkins was a session at IndieWebCamp Brighton 2015.

Notes archived from: https://etherpad.indieweb.org/location


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IWC Brighton 2015

Only Glenn, Tom and Amy are currently doing checkins

Glenn is creating his own list of places, adds links to Foursquare and OpenStreetMap "you could use foursquare's database, but 1. it's copyrighted and 2. it could go away at any moment"

Lots of awesome data in OSM

Tom mentioned a "just in time" dataloader, where you get to a new place and the server starts to load data from that area ready for when you need it "how do you do big data on a $10/mo php hosting"

OSM data not necessarily that great (compared to Google who have many people working on it) areas are subjective external services may not be perfect for checking in automatically but it can at least get you most of the way and you can add to this yourself Glenn creates geo-fences for areas

How could we share these databases between each other? How similar are they?

Glenn does not publish all of his checkins, he never publishes his home checkin or when he visits friends houses

We could build a checkin app that we all could use (and then use micropub to publish them) if people published their venue address in a h-card on the homepage you could grab this to checkin Amy logs the url of the venue she's been to and could then parse the data from it it to get info for the checkin

Glenn wants to add reviews and photos to his checkins/locations

Tom: go map!!! app could become a micropub client to post to your own site we could syndicate to OSM, the same as notes to Twitter

Tom demoed an app that displays wheelchair accessible cafes and bars Keeps the data in OSM which means other people can reuse it You should keep the subjective stuff on your own site eg. review of the place Wants an open source PushPin app

Prototype of a OSM editor/micropub app

can export Moves app as json there is a page in the wiki on the distinction between "active" checkin apps like Foursquare vs passive background activity "tracking" apps like Moves Glenn refers to this as a "waypoint" instead of a checkin