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5PM presentation of different kinds of posts

How we represent these different posts and replies stylistically

  • reviewed Kyles' approach to this and twitter's first.


  • like
  • favorite
  • share
  • bookmark
  • linkblog
  • listen
  • repost
  • reply
so.. can you add a comment to a like? there is not unity but that is how people can explore the design space. what does it provide the other person? stars are effectively like comments. Stars looking at werd.io ben werdmullers setupp with favorites

if you check in at a bar and post some more updates would you reply to the checkin or have a separate post altogether? and a geo note or not?

which direction are UI's going? post types may confuse people. ux testing shows it trips every new user. does it wreck the attention span.

twitter just has one post type. you can add location or photo but they are not separate post type.

pointing out they use the ellipsis ... on twitter to put the action commands away because more than three

options get confusing. UX testing probably led to this.

suggest FontAwesome if you want font glyphs http://fortawesome.