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Layouts and Design for a Home Page (#homepage) was a session at IndieWebCamp Düsseldorf 2016

Notes archived from: http://etherpad.indiewebcamp.com/homepage

IndieWebCamp Düsseldorf 2016
Session: Homepage layout


  • EmmaHodge.com
  • bastianallgeier.com
  • andreasnebiker.com
  • tantek.com
  • svenknebel.de
  • lucasalvini.com



  • stream of most recent n posts
  • most recent three blog posts
  • side bar about me
  • "relme" where else I might be
  • events

Conversational UIs?


Personal vs professional

What should your website do for you?

Variety of posts as a way to liberate you from the obligations / confines of one type of post

Time to first note on a personal website

From silos:

  • quantifications
  • activity over time (sparkline-boom after Nürnberg)

How to make the home-page more "timeless"


creative constraints, e.g. in limited silo layouts or templates can be useful

How would you judge success of a homepage?

  • I am impressed?
  • Others are impressed?
  • Getting across the most amount of information?
  • An expression of who I am?


On your personal page you can do crazy things

  • interactive header images etc
  • keep old styles (https://adactio.com/ has stylesheet switcher, tanteks old page (link?) had different CSS for different months, with current experiments)


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