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My Website! Now what? (#nowwhat) was a session at IndieWebCamp Düsseldorf 2016

Archived from Etherpad: http://etherpad.indiewebcamp.com/nowwhat


My Website! Now What?


  • tantek.com
  • svenknebel.de
  • emmahodge.org
  • andrijevik.net
  • sebastianlasse.de
  • andreasnebiker.com
  • Keith Andrews
  • stefangrund.de

Tantek’s use case

  • Microblogging / posting to twitter. Since twitter had lots of failwhales in 2009, I started posting to my site first and then to twitter.
  • tantek.com/contact instead of giving phone number out

Bigger question:

  • How to take complete complete of your digital identity?


  • private vs public vs limited-public / personal vs professional
  • Is it appropriate to mix those / whould you want to do this?

You can mix. But you may not want to

  • because your different audiences do not want to be 'flooded' with content
  • because your different audiences know different aspects of your person and may not recognise you when getting 'the whole' of your person
  • and how do you do it?
  • identifying people is hard. easiest way to id people is by email / phone number. no passwords please.
  • secret urls are sometimes a good solution. depends on secrecy of content. but you trust the people you give secret urls to keep them secret.
  • you may sometimes be able to separate simply through information architecture / user experience. e.g. your homepage is pretty clean. but your main navigation has full feed, professional, personal...

run your own diaspora pod (like facebook, but you are in full control of your stuff)


  • silo-"hub" (post once, POSSE (http://indiewebcamp.com/POSSE) to others), different friends use different silos
  • getting a more complete view of what happens around me in multiple silos
  • following others --> RSS/Atom transports published to readers, but no feedback/interaction

Silos do right: reading and publishing/interaction in one UI/site

  • own site as reader

Write as own archive (public = always accessible from everywhere)

Tagging / Filtering is technically possible (rel=tag") but there aren't any known solutions yet...

Use case: Checking out tantek.com on which t posted 6 yrs of content and then getting only the stuff regarding "microformats"

Search options:

URL that is not public anywhere

Public vs private vs friends-only vs family-only content on your own site

robots.txt that blocks search engines

use a URL which is not publicly known = security by obscurity (not recommended)

but people can shorten your URLs and get them indexed

Bitly has up to 6 letter in the URL

POSSE - publish on own site syndicate elsewhere http://indiewebcamp.com/POSSE

What really is the distinction between personal and professional?

Is this disinction real?

Potential solution: publish everything and help viewers to use this through different information architecture

POSSE to email as a way to share with family that don't want to login or don't use Facebook eithe

What's the easiest way to ID visitors?

  • ID by email or phone number is probably easiest. Still hard though.

What are some solutions for audio?

  • Archive.org -- hosts video for free

Travel plans

Quantified self stuff:

  • Stefan Grund :Fitbit stuff, grabbed from server
  • checkins

I don't know which website to tell people! (http://stefangrund.de or http://eay.cc ?)

Or what if a client comes to my website and sees that I post about Star Wars every other day.

How do you make the decision of where to syndicate?

Keith: "There is no reason not to use https anymore" -> https://letsencrypt.org

See also: the nice uberspace.de implementation : [ger | deu] : https://blog.uberspace.de/lets-encrypt-rollt-an/

see example of a fine contact page - try a /contact page e.g. on tantek.com