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IndieWebCamp Nürnberg 2018 Session: notifications When: 2018-10-20 15:05


  • All the people at the event :o


What do you want to get notifications for?

  • when I get a new webmention
  • health checks for my server


  • uses Monocle to read notifications from webmentions and other sources
  • also push the "notifications" channel to my iphone




  • wants to get updates on github repositories, such as new releases, but not an email for every new issue


Services to deliver push notifications

  • Pushbullet, Pushover
  • They provide a UI for configuring how to deliver to multiple devices, and with what priority
  • IFTTT offers notifications too via their platform app - but there's no control over which devices (it sends to all it's installed on)


  • prometheus for notifications about server health
  • CPU is too high, disk space is running out

Pushbullet has Oauth API:


Aaron: How can Aperture send notifications to people?

  • using Pushbullet API, users can authorize Aperture to send notifications to their account
  • give users a way to configure which channels in Aperture should send notifications to Pushbullet


  • Notifications can have URLs, so you can launch actions when you click on them
  • These URLs can even be custom schemes, so you can open apps, or start iOS shortcuts / workflows
  • Some providers (?) even make it possible to reply from the notification. You can send that reply via Micropub to your server.

How can apps like Indigenous deliver notifications?

  • Indigenous needs to run a server to talk to Apple/Google notification service, but doesn't want to poll a Microsub channel
  • A microsub server needs a way to have the app register for web hooks so the microsub server can deliver new posts to it