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Ethical DWeb Futures was a session at IndieWebCamp SF 2018.

Notes archived from: https://etherpad.indieweb.org/ethicaldwebfutures

IndieWebCamp SF 2018
Session: Ethical DWeb Futures
When: 2018-07-31 13:20



These provocations are drawn from a soon-to-be-released toolkit created by the Institute for the Future called the Ethical OS. It's designed for technologists, designers, product managers, and educators to stretch their thinking beyond the present and take risks seriously. We rolled a d20 several times against the 14 scenarios offered in tool #1, immerse yourself in a future scenario to prepare yourself for that plausible future. MIRIAM will update this doc when it's publically available.

Ethical OS Scenario #9

Are you ready for a world in which read/write neural implants are a reality? Infinite human memory in the cloud (Accidentally downloading a traumatic experience)

  • would want FHE for real cloud security (or just private-key)
  • Firewall snare - make sure what's being loaded into hasn't been tampered
  • Fiduciary party (we put our lives in the hands of neurosurgeons, training and oversight) - some kind of training and licensing for software address
  • Biometric data being stored everywhere
  • Do we want this technology?
  • Charles: Authorities will want this to be very heavily regulated. DIY hackers running free software, could a libre one me made? Would they be allowed and a risk.

Karen Sandler - source code for pace maker.

  • If the problem is a lack of empathy and visibility for causes. Pull out memories of homeless people that you've seen and ignored. BUT - in VR - there's already a lot of abuse and trauma in these systems.

PKI is always the hard part

Ethical OS Scenario #7

Are you ready for a workdSocial network buys a major bank and makes social credit system. Postcodes/districts/towns have credit scores (this is happening in some ways in Boston If you are a bunch of good actors in a region with a good credit score This model almost turns into a credit union - already seeing some of these dynamics.

Levels of privacy model from Timony West (in a recent https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_sB_QR_YS8 talk at Mozilla)

  • Public
  • Controlled
  • Intimate
  • Personal

mattl: Identity is the key to all of this stuff.

Rob: Blackchain spam fake actors on twitter. Twitter is not all over the Asking for passport level documents to verify identity.

Charles: Can port partial functionality to the dweb to create credit unions, as presumably some of the draw is that the rates are lowered. Regional social network notes.

Ethical OS scenario #5

Human resources departments at Fortune 500 "smart employer system"

This is already happening! People are getting fired for social media posting. Should tweets have a sunset period. In a federated system ... sue every server unde It's legally possible to be forgotten but it's quite technically difficult.

Social norms - shift the norm from what happens on social media stays on social media, but the ability to disavow your own statements. *That* is a pretty high bar.

If entries all had key pairs, if make public everyhting you can disavow and let everyone (OTR self destruct keys)'

Anonymous chat systems are a lifeline for people to have open discussions.

Ethical OS scenario 12

25% of online orders are delivered by drone.

Merchants have a secondary revenue stream selling that camera data. This is already happening with satellites, but drones will be more real time and up to date.

Guns and EM pulses.

A lot of cities

Biometrics problem: https://suw.charman-anderson.com/freelance-journalism/linux-user/oh-what-big-eyes-you-have/

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