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Where we are: geospatial data, privacy, autonomy was a session at IndieWeb Summit 2018.

Notes archived from: https://etherpad.indieweb.org/indiewhere

IndieWeb Summit Portland 2018
Session: Indie Where
When: 2018-06-26 15:05



  • Location and sharing, privacy (forrest)
  • Fragility of web infra (gozala)
  • decentraliztion
  • Place is fundamental to being a human.
  • Chain of custody/ identity / verification/ geo display

  • map.io
  • xcites citizen science pigmy tribes
  • digital democracy / mapeo (amazon mapping)

  • holochain

Notes from Dietrich:

  • Forrest Hawes
  • forest.stream
  • GIS
  • Chris Hawes, Qorvo
  • Geospatial intelligence
  • Location sharing is contextual
  • Irakli
  • Mozilla
  • web infra is fragile
  • how to solve bottlenecks
  • internet providers play big role
  • disaster response
  • edrex
  • bad sysadmin
  • edrex.pdxhub.org
  • resilience
  • indie web is now, but dweb and fabric are 5yrs out
  • jim pick
  • gis is fundamental
  • mobile changed that but Google controls
  • mathew Lippincott
  • env modeling
  • industrial design
  • types of monitoring
  • requests for geospatial display
  • big issues are privacy, chain of custody
  • verification
  • nearing announce of balloon system
  • mapeo by digital democracy
  • excites, university London
  • Basque sheepherders
  • contribute to geological survey
  • over reliance on physical infra
  • earthquake prep
  • Cascadia rising
  • what do we do?
  • hyper capitalism is destructive to infrastructure
  • cooperatives
  • cascadia computing & communications cooperative
  • pnw mesh
  • tech on West of Cascades
  • data centers in East of Cascades
  • Bitcoin communes of the Columbia valley
  • what happens when the earthquake hits and the military takes control
  • diy sdr stacks
  • 6-7 county area
  • 3200 servers, forklift batteries
  • coop to run
  • firmware updates across lots of devices
  • county-run compute nodes
  • Run ipfs on these...
  • Initial internet: survive nuclear holocaust
  • not surviving corporate attacks
  • how to put gis data in public control
  • donp
  • privacy in location?
  • self host location data
  • Aaron had a project
  • ice condor
  • but all centralized
  • fishing location for tribes
  • chain of custody
  • "I'm a professional scientist"
  • Scientists and labs just sign stuff makes it true
  • but citizen science, noooooo
  • software can help by using location and timecode and photo to use for chain of custody
  • trust the person taking the photo to some degree
  • keys for better trust models?
  • What do we replicate?
  • In the nw, building a new internet
  • don't the nodes decide... with the power plug?
  • Basques have experience in this area
  • need moderation, has to come from somewhere
  • where to host geospatial data?
  • running server is good, but not everyone can do
  • can browsers help... Even with geoip
  • geoip is or isn't useful?
  • used to be based on urls, but not as meaningful when no urls and domains?
  • dat, other distributed protocols all around this
  • what if we had a web that paid by providing services instead of ad model
  • but s7 networks (mobile telco nodes) aren't private
  • where do we keep our where data?
  • multiple layers
  • missing good strategies for security and privacy - sending locations out in clear text
  • how do you trust computation
  • holochain
  • blockchain without pow and achieve consensus
  • No way to cheat because everyone runs the same code
  • like ethereum in that code sandbox
  • holo has no single blockchain
  • ux?
  • Atlas - microformat for location, proposal
  • Military uses rdf

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