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  • send out recruitment emails
  • send out fundraising emails
  • double check room reservations Greg McVerry
  • add directions from train station Greg McVerry
  • Add a campus and room map Greg McVerry

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Email Templates


Subject: Ensuring New Haven's Tech Future

Dear {Company}

New Haven has quickly grown into a tech leader in Connecticut but we worry this revolution will skip the people of the city. As a tech leader will you help ensure a future for all by donating to IndieWebCamp New Haven?

IndieWebCamp New Haven is the first in Elm City. Participants of all abilities learn to hack on personal websites and begin to write themselves a future in tech.

This event is 100% free and organized by all volunteers. We are seeking $100, $200, or $300 donations. We will promote your business online and on our wiki.

Please sign up for a donation spot

  • Sat Breakfast: $100 Sponsor: Literacy Coalition of Greater New Haven
  • Sun Breakfast: $100 Sponsor: Your Business Here
  • Sat All day coffee: $100 Sponsor: Your Business Here
  • Sun All Day Coffee $100 Sponsor: Your Business Here
  • Sat Lunch $200 Sponsor: Your Business Here
  • Sun Lunch $200 Sponsor: Your Business Here
  • Sat Dinner: $200 Sponsor: Your Business Here
  • Fri Meet Up: $300 Sponsor: Your Business Here

Simply respond to this email and let us know which event you are sponsoring

Thank You, {sender}


Dear {campus club},

We wanted to invite you to IndieWebCamp New Haven.

IndieWebCamp New Haven is the first in Elm City, happening at Southern Connecticut State University, Participants are welcome to join the #IndieWeb community to explore how owning your own data and controlling the web helps to protect underserved communities.

IndieWebCamp New Haven is an all-levels EdCamp-like collaboration in New Haven for two days of keynotes, brainstorming, creating, teaching, and helping gain more control over our data and lives online!

Learn how to use open web services, software, and technologies to empower yourself and – maybe more importantly – encourage all users to own their own content and identities.

Bring your laptop and mobile devices, we’ll help you get set up to both publish where you want, and keep control of your content!

  • Where*: Southern Connecticut State University Davis Hall 501 Crescent Avenue, 06515 New Haven, Connecticut.
  • URL*: https://indieweb.org/2019/NHV
  • Cost*: Free

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Dates: ?? Shooting for April


Interested in co-organizing


  • Southern Connecticut State University


Nearby Events

  • Will be proceeded by a one day event FemHack- a feminist pedagogy based hackathon