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Without Glue, Everything Falls Apart was a keynote by Pace Smith at IndieWebCamp Austin 2020. Slides

Video: โ–ถ๏ธ14:44s

Notes archived from chat.

Without Glue, Everything Falls Apart
by Pace Smith

  • Title: Without Glue, Everything Falls Apart
  • Pace is visiting us from the future. "Welcome to 1993. Have a pile of wood"
  • Imagine you're back in 1993, this technology lets you type things in and then it appears on the web page. guestbooks!
  • With this same technology we could have built blogs
  • In the future... and it's all built on IndieWeb technologies
  • In the future: we never build the same thing twice, nobody gets betrayed, no more sexual predators, no more marketing, no more bad science, no more capitalism
  • "We never build the same thing twice" - reusable functions etc.
  • "IndieTrustWeb", just as website link to each other, we need people to be able to say "I trust you"
  • "No more sexual predators, we had Gamergate, #Metoo, and in the future we have GlassCupidor where people post transparently about their exes"
  • "No more marketing: IndieTrustWeb Goods and Services Recommender ITWGASR!"
  • No more bad science:
  • No more capitalism: IndieTrustWeb helps prevent fake news, "I trust you"
  • media has less influence
  • all of these problems get solved by IndieTrustWeb. This is the glue that holds the future internet together.
  • So thanks to us for creating it.

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