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2024/Brighton/Planning/Emails are the emails sent to IndieWebCamp Brighton 2024 participants before and after the event.

The following Markdown was used in Tito to send emails to all signed up attendees before and after the event:

Get ready for IndieWebCamp Brighton 2024

Sent on Wednesday 28 February 2024 (10 days before the event):

Hi {{ first_name }},

We’re looking forward to seeing you at [IndieWebCamp Brighton](https://indieweb.org/2024/Brighton) – hard to believe it’s just 10 days away!

Here are a few things you can do to get ready and make the most of your time at IndieWebCamp:

- join the IndieWebCamp [chat](https://chat.indieweb.org/) or [Slack](http://slack.indiewebcamp.com/) and introduce yourself!
- [add yourself to the IndieWeb wiki](https://indieweb.org/wikifying) with additional info about yourself, such as what projects you’re working on, etc.
- attend an online [Homebrew Website Club](https://indiewebcamp.com/next-hwc) meet-up this evening.

We’ll be in touch again next week with any last minute notes.

See you soon,

Paul and Mark (co-organisers)

See you at IndieWebCamp this weekend 🎉

Sent on Thursday 7 March 2024 (2 days before the event):

Hi {{first_name}},

We’re really looking forward to welcoming you to IndieWebCamp in Brighton this weekend!

Here’s what you can look forward to over the next few days.

## 🌦️ It’s going to be wet and/or mild

[The weather forecast for this weekend](https://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/bn1) is looking fairly mixed; highs of 10° with a mix of light rain, moderate breezes and spattering of sunshine. A fine weekend to spend indoors!

## 🍻 Friday informal social

Some of us will be arriving in Brighton on Friday evening, or will already have been in town for Patterns Days. We’ll meet up in the Lord Nelson from 6pm, and go from there. Be sure to follow IndieWebCamp [chat](https://chat.indieweb.org/) or [Slack](http://slack.indiewebcamp.com/) for the latest news.

Time: Friday from 6pm

Location: [The Lord Nelson Inn, 36 Trafalgar Street, BN1 4ED](https://www.openstreetmap.org/node/306593798)

## 🎪 Saturday

Doors open at 9:30am on Saturday. Please arrive promptly so we can get you checked in and ready to start the day! We’ll have lanyards (red if you don’t want to be included in any photos, black if you do), [name badges, pronoun and IndieWeb pins](https://paulrobertlloyd.com/2024/058/p1/). More importantly, we’ll also have pastries, as well as plenty of coffee and tea.

Time: Saturday at 9:30am

Location: [The Skiff, 30 Cheapside, BN1 4GD](https://www.openstreetmap.org/node/1906842890)

Feel free to reply if you have any questions. See you soon!

Paul and Mark (co-organisers)

Thank you for attending IndieWebCamp Brighton 2024

Sent on Tuesday 12 March 2024 (2 days after the event)

Hi {{first_name}},

Wow, last weekend was amazing! Thank-you so much for taking the time to join us, we hoped you got as much from the event as we did.

Here’s a quick recap of the weekend’s events.

## Saturday sessions

![Group photo of everyone at day 1 of IndieWebCamp Brighton 2024](https://indieweb.org/images/6/63/iwc-brighton-2024-saturday-photo.jpg)

On Saturday, we organised sessions around a number of topics people were interested in.

Discussions ranged from [syndicating posts](https://indieweb.org/2024/Brighton/posse) and then displaying [comments](https://indieweb.org/2024/Brighton/comments) about them (trusty ol’ email being an undervalued option), [hosting](https://indieweb.org/2024/Brighton/hosting) websites and more so [pictures](https://indieweb.org/2024/Brighton/pictures) (possible for only 4¢/month!), [accessibility](https://indieweb.org/2024/Brighton/a11y) (and how to [test](https://indieweb.org/2024/Brighton/testing) for it), considering the [environmental impact](https://indieweb.org/2024/Brighton/energy-efficiency) of our work, writing (or should that be gardening?) as well as some group therapy around personal website [pain points](https://indieweb.org/2024/Brighton/pains) and being wowed by [NFC](https://indieweb.org/2024/Brighton/nfc). And of course, finally, [death](https://indieweb.org/2024/Brighton/site-death)!

Notes for all of the sessions are linked from [the Schedule page](https://indieweb.org/2024/Brighton/Schedule); please feel free to review notes and update them if you were in a session and want to add some additional links or context.

## Sunday hacking

![Group photo of everyone at day 2 of IndieWebCamp Brighton 2024](https://indieweb.org/images/4/4f/iwc-brighton-2024-sunday-photo.jpg)

On Sunday, we got our hands dirty and started experimenting and trying out some of the ideas we discussed the day before. Websites were launched!

[Notes about all the demos were taken](https://indieweb.org/2024/Brighton/Demos) – thanks James. Again, please feel free to update these if you have anything you wish to add or correct about the work you did on the day.

## What next?

Here are a few ideas for how you can build on the events of this weekend:

- **Write about what you learnt, discussed and built!** You can add a link to your post to [the wiki page](https://indieweb.org/2024/Brighton#Posts).
- **Join a Homebrew Website Club.** [Online events](https://events.indieweb.org/tag/hwc) happen every other Wednesday. The next London event is this Wednesday at 7pm.
- **Continue the discussion.** Join the IndieWebCamp [chat](https://chat.indieweb.org/) or [Slack](http://slack.indiewebcamp.com/).
- **Follow The IndieWeb.** Subscribe to [_This Week in the IndieWeb_ newsletter](https://indieweb.org/this-week-in-the-indieweb).

## Feedback

Finally, if you have any feedback about the event, be it things you enjoyed or things we could have done better, please don’t hesitate to email Paul at me@paulrobertlloyd.com or Mark at hello@qubyte.codes – just in case we’re mad enough to do it all again next year.

Until next time, thanks again for coming! See you on the indie web! 👋

Paul and Mark (co-organisers)

_P.S. If any Brighton folk are interested in resurrecting Brighton’s Homebrew Website Club, let us know._

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