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Comment threads was a session at IndieWebCamp Brighton 2024.

Notes archived from: https://etherpad.indieweb.org/brighton2024-comments

IndieWebCamp Brighton 2024
Session: Comments
When: 2024-03-09 12:15



  • In the old world, comments were brilliant, its where we connected on each others websites
  • Since then, we've traded speed and convenience for identifiabilty, archiving, etc
  • Because we had our own websites, we could build our own comments, and have security through obsecurity (except our friends, who wouldn't spam us anyway)
  • Could we bring the various discussions we have on across the web back into my website?
  • Fan has a comment system that asks for name and comment. He can delete them after the fact if needed.
  • If he posted the URL of the post on Mastodon, he'd like to pull the comments back into his blog
  • Brid.gy could be used to do this
  • This sends comments back to WordPress OR Webmentions
  • Webmentions are a way to let your site know that one of your URLs has been mentioned elsewhere
  • Some people don't like their comments being syndicated elsewhere
  • Mastodon allow folks to auto-delete content
  • We want to own our own content, we're not giving the same control to those whos comments we collect and host on our own sites - it;'s not illegal, but it's a shitty thing to do.
  • What about if we summaries the replies? Like "6 comments on Mastodon" and then link to the original site
  • What using an interface on GitHub and allowing people to raise a PR into your repo? You'd get spam protection, etc, for free. However, you are limiting your audience to those with the technical knowledge.
  • Ultimately, this comes down to user intent - did they intend to have their comment last until the end of time (or at least the end of your website)?
  • What about the use case of many different conversations going on about your content in different places? If you don't pull back that content, you can't aggregate the content in once place.
  • There are no perfect answers.
  • Mastodon sends a update when someone updates their post and they send a delete. This is up to you to accept this OR not.
  • If someone posts something that could lead to them being sued, and you put that content on your website, could you get sued? We think not, but it's an interesting line of thought.
  • Maybe the easiest thing it to invite emails at the end of your posts - and if it leads to an interesting conversation.

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