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Archive of our own (AO3) is an open source and volunteer-led fanfiction website that community members have discussed backfeeding comments from.


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Sara Jakša

Sara Jakša posts the copies of the stories and comments posted there on her website. The process is currently manual, but she considers the comments' original place to be on the Archive of Our Own and stories' original place to be on her website. Linking between the copies is not something she had solved for herself yet.


Backfeed of comments was discussed at the 2023-07-01 Galactic Bonus Homebrew Website Club. The discussion started with how this could be implemented in the WordPress or Bridgy, with most of the discussion being about backfeeding.

The problem with backfeeding for AO3 is, that AO3 does not provide a list of all the comments or kudos (equvalent of likes) that a person had posted, though they provide a list of all the bookmarks a person had made. What they do provide is the history of every story every visited and sending the copies of the comments to the email - assuming the user did not turn this off. To get all the user comments, they suggest to use the add-on, which checks all the works in the history and put next to it an indication if the story had a comment or a kudo from the user.

They do not provide an API, but they give all the permission to scrape them for needs like this.

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