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Autodesk 123D was a suite of design and collaboration tools for 3D printing, 2D laser cutting, and other forms of computer aided manufacturing which shut down March 31, 2017, taking user projects and models with it.

Located at, Autodesk 123D offered several tools:

  • 123 Design - a 3D modeling tool with a focus on combining 3D primitives and extruding 3D objects from 2D surfacts. Available as a desktop application on Windows and Mac which could work on standalone files. Also available as a browser app which required storing files on silo.
  • 123 Make - a CAD/CAM tool which, for example, could turn a 3D model into a stack of 2D designs for cutting on a laser cutter or CNC mill and reassembled in layers.
  • 123 Catch - a mobile app with a cloud-based processing service that uses photogrammetry to produce a 3D model from a large collection of photos of a subject.
  • 123 Sculpt+ - a 3D modeling app aimed at creating organic shapes, with a clay-sculpting metaphor.

Autodesk encouraged customers to download their existing projects and replace their use of these apps with new offerings from Autodesk such as Fusion 360, which only saves and loads projects from Autodesk's silo.

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