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Bloglovin is a web-based blog and feed reader service.

They claim to be able to follow / read any blog:

And yes, you can add any blog.

For more see:

To export you subscriptions there is a not-well-documented XML export page


Company focus on Influencers

The company behind Bloglovin' is focused on their influencer network "Activate" more than blog readers (TechCrunch: Bloglovinโ€™ becomes Activate). Activate was later acquired by Impact, a marketing company. The suggested blogs to follow on Bloglovin' are primarily lifestyle blogs.

Possibly Abandoned

The site's last Last official blog post is from 2017 suggesting Bloglovin as a product is no longer a priority. Furthermore, all of the top people on the about page show on LinkedIn that they left the company in 2017.

Buggy Interface

Bloglovin' will often show "Page not found" errors, even for pages like the home page. These errors go away on next load. Searching for a blog's RSS url also frequently fails.

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