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Cineville is a Dutch network of art house cinemas, a card with a monthly subscription to see unlimited movies in those cinemas and a website that keeps track of new movies and your watch history, making it more or less a Silo.

On the site, you can add movies to your Watchlist. Once they start playing in a cinema somewhere in the Netherlands, you will get notified by showing a batch with a number next to the user icon in the upper right corner. The Watchlist is also separated into two sections: 'now playing' and 'not (yet) playing'.

If you have a subscription on the 'Cinevillepas' (card), it will automatically mark movies you went to as 'seen', prompting you to review the movie by giving it one to five stars. The average review of all users is shown next to the movie.


There seems to be no API to get your watchlist or watch history out.

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