Code Climate

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Code Climate is a private company providing Web-based automated code review and maintainability data. It is free to use for open-source repositories.

Configuring Organization-Owned Repositories

If you're a GitHub admin or owner of an organization and are adding organization-owned repositories to Code Climate, you may have to do the following in order to have access to the repository's settings on Code Climate:

  1. Following the instructions on this page, approve Code Climate as a third-party application in GitHub. This will grant Code Climate full access to your GitHub organization's repositories.
  2. Navigate to Code Climate's dashboard and click "Add a repository."
  3. On the Add public repositories from GitHub page, click "Sync now."
  4. Once syncing completes, click "Add Repo" next to any GitHub organization-owned repositories that you'd like to add to Code Climate. You may want to re-add previously-added GitHub organization-owned repositories in order to see Code Climate's settings page.

You should now be able to see Code Climate's settings page for GitHub organization-owned repositories (presuming you're an admin or owner of the organization).