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Digg is a news aggregator site that also offers a reader service, Digg Reader.

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    Since its launch in October 2004, Digg has undergone numerous redesigns. In May 2005, Digg 2.0, featuring friends, one-click voting buttons and non-linear promotion algorithm, was implemented. In January 2006, Digg 3.0, featuring expanded categories beyond its tech-related news section, was unveiled. In August 2007, Digg introduced another redesign to the homepage and profile features.
    On August 30, 2010, Digg's users staged a revolt that was soon called as "Quit Digg Day"[20], where they began to vote up all links that are automatically submitted by Reddit through RSS, causing the Digg front page (shown above) to be dominated by links to Reddit. On that day, according to Reddit, they gained almost 9000 new users and 250,000 visits from Digg (which contributed to 1/7th of their traffic)[25].
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