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Dropbox is a file hosting silo that provides js;dr URLs for the files hosted there that display just file name and a spinner unless you load some number of scripts from various domains.

Static domain hosting

It used to be possible to use Dropbox as a static file host, e.g. HTML and JavaScript files, but support for this has been phased out starting October 2016.

Members received an email about this around 2016-09-01 informing them that HTML files would no longer be served as of 2016-10-03 [1] [2] [3]. Paid Dropbox accounts were given a longer grace period, a full year until 2017-09-01 [4].

Storage and Transfer

Some software uses the Dropbox API to as backup storage or as an intermediate stop on the way to a CDN or other web host.

Indieweb Examples

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Not recommended for static hosting

  • I would not recommend hosting a static site on Dropbox. It's possible but it's not the intention and is not well-supported. GitHub Pages is a better free option Kylewm.com 12:57, 18 September 2014 (PDT)

Doubtful longevity

  • In 2015-12, Dropbox announced they were shutting down two apps they maintainโ€”email app Mailbox (in 2016-02) and photo app Carousel (2016-03). This raises questions about the longevity of other Dropbox-provided services.

js dr file URLs

Dropbox URLs to files are js;dr and require executing a bunch of script across various domains just to see a JPG, e.g.:

Gives the impression that HTML hosting still works

Through testing on 2017-08-03, it was found that Dropbox would still render HTML if the uploader viewed it in their browser. But when the URL for the file was made public and shared, other people would get the plain text instead.

The image below shows the logged in uploader on the left and a non-logged in visitor on the right, both visiting the same public file URL.

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