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Fetchnotes was an app/service for keeping track of notes and tasks which shut down 2016-11-08. [1]


  • 2016-02-03: In an email to users they announced they would be shutting down in 13 days. A data export tool was provided on the website.
    • "We considered selling Fetchnotes to another company, but we preferred to do right by all of you in making sure that you could take your data with you. Even if we left it running, once we handed it off to somebody else, there's no way to know for sure how things would end."
  • 2016-02-17: The service was reacquired/revived with plans to crowdsource [2]
  • 2016-10-08: Announced final shutdown would be 2016-11-08, after not receiving the necessary support.[3]

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