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Flavors.me was a service to aggregate your social network content on a single website, optionally using your domain name. It shut down 2017-03-31[1].


On 2017-02-15 Flavors.me announced their shutdown by email:

Due to a change in strategic direction, we've decided to move resources to focus on other digital projects and MOO's core heartland - helping businesses of all sizes look their best with beautiful printed products.

We fully appreciate how frustrating this is and hope you understand that weโ€™ve deliberated over this decision for many months. Recent issues with Flavors have forced us to look very carefully at the service we provide and we no longer feel we can offer a robust service into the future.

Weโ€™ve already disabled new sign-ups and in the coming months we will begin to retire parts of the service. Due to this, we will be closing all free subscriber accounts on 31st March 2017. You are more than welcome to continue using Flavors until this date, but weโ€™d encourage you to start looking for an alternative solution.

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