2011/Flickr+Wordpress Upstream Posting

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Flickr Backup Project

The idea behind this project is to make a way to backup one's Flickr account and host it on a WordPress account. Afterwards, to post to WordPress and have those images post out to Flickr, making Flickr the backup for one's data, and not the primary repository.

Upstream comment flow.

The Fragility of 3rd Party Data

Digital human rights -we have all the wrong entitlements - things we should be entitled to that we don't get.

The fact that at any point in time, without warning, Flickr can delete my entire account for a violation of it's terms of service. My account does violate its terms. I use it as a cloud-based research journal.

I got an email recently that reminded me of how fragile my data is.

Even though I am a paying customer.

Would they delete Chris Messina's account, for instance? His is a treasure trove of screenshots and UX designs.

With over 14,000 photos, another concern exists -- would I get rate limited from downloading all of my photos at once?

A Possible Solution

When a photo is posted to Flickr, post it to WordPress as well with the information posted to Flickr.

"I think the best thing to do is to post to your personal domain and then push out -- then the third party service doesn't have access to it." - Tantek

If you to have the comments come back, then you use salmon -- salmon is how you have the comments to flow back upstream. salmon-protocol.org

The content and responses should be pushed back to the person who pushed out the comment.

FFFFound Clone for WordPress


Theme file with 3 plugins: http://www.assault.it/wp-content/uploads/2008/10/vnovember_ffff.zip

  • Yet Another Related Posts plugin (Use the plugin from the Zip file as it is modified to work with images instead of using only text)
  • Configurable Tag Cloud plugin
  • SEO Friendly Images plugin