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Hapity is an IndieWeb compatible live streaming service for allowing people to more easily create live streams from their websites.

With the help of an account, the service allows streaming from Android, iOS, or web interface and creates a video embed on one's website. While the video is served from Hapity's servers using an embed link, one can download and back up the original video stream for archiving or replacing with the original stream link. The service allows one to easily record and post while still having the option to own the original content and store a copy of it where they'd like (including their website).

The service also has an option for recording video and uploading it after-the-fact as well.

IndieWeb Examples


  • The plugins and set up allow one to create an immediate live streaming post on one's website
  • The mobile application also has integrations with Twitter and Facebook to automatically POSSE a copy of the live stream to those services.


Mobile Apps

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