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To include an image in a page, use the following code:

[[File:Image-Title.jpg|200px|right|Image Title]]

Link with Title Text

[ Site Name]

Links to Other Wiki Pages

[[Page Name]]
[[Page Name|link text]]

Using Categories

To put a page into a category, place a tag like the following anywhere on the page. (At the bottom is usually best for organizational purposes)

[[Category:Session Notes]]

To link to a category page, write a tag like this:

[[:Category:Session Notes|Session Notes]]

Page Names

Following typical MediaWiki naming conventions, page names should be spelled out in Title Case, with spaces between each word. The spaces are converted to underscores for the URL, so [[Title Case]] ends up with a url of


Put the following code at the very beginning of the page you want to direct from:

#REDIRECT [[Name of Destination Page]]

The word "redirect" is not case-sensitive. There must be no space before the "#" symbol. Any text before the code will prevent the redirect. More info:

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