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Hi.co (Hi) was an app and website for capturing and publishing stories as they happen. On 2016-05-12 Hi announced the site would close on 2016-09-01. [1] The site is now archived at http://hitotoki.org.


You can export your stories until the close date by going to http://hi.co/people/{yourname}/export


They plan to print a long-lasting archive of the site:

We’re printing — using a microscopic ion-etching process — the entire website upon a 2" × 2" nickel plate, giving it a fire- and saltwater-resistant shelf life of 10,000 years.[¹] At least five plates will be produced, to be held by five stewards — museums and libraries — around the world.https://medium.com/@craigmod/archiving-our-online-communities-e5868eab4d9a#.sx6vs0b5m

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