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Indie Box was a combination software and hardware project to make it easy to run indie-style web applications on a personal server (even from home), and keep them maintained.

The Indie Box Project has given birth to a new Linux distro: UBOS

So please see UBOS instead.

The rest of this page is historical information about the Indie Box project.


Even geeks often have a hard time finding out how to install web apps, or regularly backing them up or upgrading them. For non-geeks, it's totally impossible, which is one of the reasons they need to go to the big silos instead of the indie web. Indie Box is intended to make this much more accessible to geeks and humans, so everybody can have their own site under they own control.

Indie Boxes run UBOS (pronounced You-Boss), a Linux distro optimized for personal servers and IoT Devices.



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