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LiteSpeed (AKA LightSpeed) [HTTPD] is Apache drop-in replacement commercial web server software.

There is a LiteSpeed Open Source Edition called OpenLiteSpeed.


htaccess DefaultType text html causes text plain

If you have a directive in your .htaccess like:

DefaultType text/html

LiteSpeed somehow screws up and sends .html files as Content-Type 'text/plain' which makes no sense whatsoever.

The result is that compliant browsers (e.g. Firefox) will render the .html return as plain text source instead of rendering it as HTML.

The workaround is to remove the directive, or comment it out, e.g.:

#DefaultType text/html #commented out due to LiteSpeed bug

And then to test it, be sure to do a Shift command/ctrl-R to force reload the page.

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