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MediaWiki upgrade is a project to upgrade the IndieWeb wiki to a modern version of MediaWiki.


We currently have the following plugins installed that will need to be upgraded or replaced. Some of these may not actually be in use, and it would be great to remove them if we are not actually using them. Please document pages that use each extension to evaluate whether we can remove the extension.

  • Cite
  • ParserFunctions
  • raw - Adds <raw> tag to include arbitrary html
  • NOTITLE - Adds a magic word to hide the title heading - Used when the MediaWiki default title based on page name generates an ugly page title
  • PrivateBlocks - Adds <private> tag for hiding text to non-registered users - Let's just drop this
  • PublicBlocks - Adds <private> tag for hiding text to non-registered users
  • RelWebmention - Adds <link rel="webmention"> tag to advertise a Webmention endpoint on every page
  • SemanticHTML - No longer needed in MediaWiki 1.29 since these HTML tags have been added to core
  • IndieAuth - Will be replaced by Auth_remoteuser

Our customized extensions are available at

See also: Special:Version


Rather than upgrade or rebuild the IndieAuth plugin, we can use a simpler "external auth" mechanism to read login data from a cookie, and set that cookie from an external application that actually handles login. The new wiki login should use your delegated authorization endpoint if specified, otherwise can use to handle RelMeAuth.

Case insensitivity

Find an extension that eliminates the common problem of being surprised that a page doesn't exist when it actually exists with a different capitalization, but still allows us to define proper capitalization (auto-redirect?).