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The Micropub FAQ is frequently asked questions about Micropub.


Why aren't Micropub requests sent as JSON

Micropub is intended to be as easy as possible to implement from both the client as well as server perspective. Every web framework has been able to parse form-encoded requests since nearly the beginning of the web, since that was the basis of HTML forms. As such, it is often more difficult for some frameworks to parse JSON requests.

Currently every Micropub request to create a post can be represented adequately in form-encoding. There are no instances of a request that is impossible to represent in form-encoding. For this reason, it makes little sense to arbitrarily decide that requests should be sent in JSON format. If it can be demonstrated that there is a Micropub request that cannot be represented in form-encoding, please collect them below for consideration.

Potential requests that require JSON encoding

  • Offering asparagus - W3C Social proposed User Story. Uses blank nodes (nested json objects without @id) to serialize gr:TypeAndQuantityNode. Hypermedia controls also use blank nodes to describe expected object but not relevant here since used in responses.
    • the idea of blank nodes can be solved by first creating entries for them so that they have a URL
  • ... please document more examples here

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