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PISS is a backronym for Personal Information Storage and Syndication, a defunct IndieWeb implementation of a note-taking and retrieval system. The motivation for creating PISS stemmed from frustrations with the portability of data captured in Evernote.

PISS combines Tent ideas about having a single repository of information for all aspects of your life (rather than compartmentalizing status updates to one platform, blog posts to another, etc.), with Indie Web Camp ideas about syndication and intercommunication.

This project is no longer in development.

Planned Features

From Tent:

  • RESTful architecture that allows posts to be manipulated with an HTTP interface
  • Keeps concerns of the server (data storage and retrieval) separate from concerns of clients (user experience)
  • Easily allows for the addition of new post types
  • Posts are private by default
  • Faceted search across all posts

From Indie Web Camp:

From personal itches:

  • Display a resource in either HTML, JSON, or XML


PISS is no longer available or in development.