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Hubzilla (formerly RedMatrix) is an open source, federated, community web server that started as a fork of Friendica.


IndieWeb Compatibility


  • Comments, while having their own URL, render nearly identical output html. Thus comment URLs currently have the original post of a thread as the h-entry, not the comment.
  • Comments canonical URL are also not on the author's domain, thus could be forged (for microformats consumers)
  • Requested Webmention support following W3C REC status, Currently hooks have been added to allow a cron to handle sending webmentions in a plugin. Feature Request Thread
  • Very confusing UI / UX. Initial creation of an account asks you to name a channel (you never name your account). You can create multiple channels as well. Finding how to post to the channel is non-obvious. To delete your account you must delete your channel.

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