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SPLOT is a single purpose web site that allows anonymous or public publishing without requiring registration or signing in to contribute (participants choose how much/little to identify themselves). It defies rigid definitions, and may or may not stand for Smallest/Simplest * Possible/Portable * Open/Online * Learning/Living * Tool/Technology.

Most SPLOTs so far are Wordpress child themes; if they use plugins, free ones. Each comes with theme options interface for tailoring sites; makes use of built in post/category/tags features. One GitHub SPLOT exists. See also a collection of more variants at [c splot.tools].

Most SPLOTs are designed with two core principles in mind:

  • make it as easy as possible to post activity to the open web in an appealing and accessible way
  • allow users to do so without creating accounts, or providing any required personal information


The Comparator

TRU Writer

  • TRU Writer] provides space to publish rich media content in a journal-like site with no logins. Used for writing assignments, report submission, online journals, anonymous disclosure.

TRU Collector



  • SPLOTpoint as Wordpress based presentation also a sharable reference. Posts are slides, can be ordered, arrow key advance, shortcodes for autogeneration of indexes.

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