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La distinction entre ce qui est présenté (et syndiqué etc.) comme un article et ce qui est présenté (et syndiqué etc.) comme une note n'est pas nécessairement claire. Cette page a pour intention de rassembler différentes idées sur ce que cela signifie en réalité.

Distinctions formelles (en spécifications)

TODO : lister ce que les spécifications comme ActivityStreams etc. disent de la distinction entre un article et une note.

Distinctions personnelles, subjectives

  • Tom Morris : for me, it's "could I plausibly have written this on an iPad?" if yes, it's a note. if not, it's an article.
  • Tantek:

    biggest distinction between article/note is the presence/absence of a post name/title.

    the only useful distinction I've found between article and note is - does it have non-trivial structure and/or is it worth naming? if so, then article, else note

  • Brennan Novak: I agree with Tom, so long as "written... on an iPad" refers to the length of a an article, which "shorter" is more in the spirit of how I see Notes developing. I absolutely agree with Tantek about Notes not having a title. I also think a huge difference is that Articles embed HTML content (pictures, audio, or video) directly in the body of the Article whereas Notes (as on Twitter, Facebook, only ever have URL's, @useranmes, and #hashtags are inside the body of the Note they are not rendered as interactive HTML elements in the transport themselves. Thus, processing or parsing of a @username is up to the platform pub/sub'ing the Note, whereas with an Article, RSS transports raw HTML that's then rendered as such. I am leaning towards Notes (like email) having attachments which can be any type of custom HTML or Non HTML content. See example email style note attachment


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