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Solid is an abbreviation for Social Linked Data (originally capitalized as SOLID, sometimes as SoLiD), a web-based protocol designed for decentralized social web applications and Linked Data with features such as single sign-on, universal access control, and a universal data API.


Solid was named by Sandro Hawke during a W3C Social Web Working Group meeting as captured in the meeting minutes.


High-level goals description from:

Solid technically is a new level of standard at the web layer, which adds things never put into the original spec, such as global single sign-on, universal access control, and a universal data API so that any app can store data in any storage place. Socially Solid is a movement away from much of the issues with the current WWW, and toward a world in which users are in control, and empowered by large amounts of data, private, shared, and public.

Solid Applications

There's a growing list of applications at with some promising projects, like Plume for blogging.


Hype around initial announcement

Solid was announced with a vehement approach in it's early days, which attracted quite a bit of criticism, particularly because it seems to be hard to set it up.

Hard to set up

Misreported by the press

Use what you make

timbl uses Solid on his website, however his home page returns an error:

Outline.expand: Unable to fetch <>: Failed to load <> Fetcher: <> Unauthorized status: 401

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