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StartSSL was a service from StartCom that provided introductory SSL certificates for no cost. As of 2016-11-30, Mozilla, Google, and Apple have stopped trusting new certificates from WoSign and StartCom, and StartCom will cede operations at the end of 2017.[1] See #Criticism for more information.


  • Single-domain SSL certificates are free.
  • You can create multiple certificates for individual subdomains, for example and
  • You can pay $59 to go through the "personal identity validation" process, at which point you get to do the following for the next 360 days:
    • Create as many wildcard certificates as you want for free (*, each is valid for 2 years
    • Create multi-domain certificates (,


  • The user interface is very awkward.
  • Authentication is done only via browser client certificate, so make sure you back this up or you'll lose access to your account.
  • While single SSL certificates are free, it costs $24.99 to revoke a certificate if you need to.
  • You can only have one SSL certificate active per subdomain. There is a 2-week period where you can renew a certificate before it expires. This means if you lose your private key for a cert, you won't be able to re-create the cert with the same subdomain unless you pay to revoke the old one first.


  • "The PKI platform of StartSSL, an Israeli leader of free SSL certificates, is now hosted by Qihoo 360, a Chinese Antivirus Company." Qihoo 360 has a very bad reputation and so StartSSL may not be treated as trusted and secure anymore.
  • Mozilla investigation into backdating of certificates; may no longer trust newly-issued certificates in the near future:
    • Allegations of "... WoSign has been intentionally back-dating certificates to avoid blocks on SHA-1 issuance in browsers, having qualified audits and/or being caught violating the CAB Forum Baseline Requirements."
    • "Taking into account all the issues listed above, Mozilla’s CA team has lost confidence in the ability of WoSign/StartCom to faithfully and competently discharge the functions of a CA. Therefore we propose that, starting on a date to be determined in the near future, Mozilla products will no longer trust newly-issued certificates issued by either of these two CA brands."
    • "It seams that wosign has registered the domains and in 2014 after the public announce of Let's Encrypt"


I lost my client certificate, or my client certificate expired

If you lost your client certificate, or if you forgot to create a new one before it expired, you can still recover you account. Create a new account with the same email address, and then email certmaster at with the subject line "merge accounts", provide your email address, and ask that your accounts be merged.

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