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Suunto is a maker of exercise watches for running and other physical activities that tracks GPS and heart rate, and can sync with a web silo at or the Suunto mobile native app..

How to Export

Suunto watches can upload data to their Movescount silo, which can auto-upload to Strava, which can then export your data.

There are some apparent approaches to exporting Suunto watch data to a PC or Mac without a network connection:


Suunto watches collect information on exercises like running, and then store them.

This data can then be synced with:

Strava Upload

You can automatically upload Suunto data to the Strava exercise silo.

Set it up with:

More information:

Demand for export

Due to the over 24 hours of Movescount downtime in early 2018, users are demanding that Suunto provide a way to directly export data from the watches (presumably without the Movescount "app"):

C'mon guys, this is getting ridicolous. Give us a way to get the GPX out ot the watches so we can rely on something more stable than movescount (strava that is).

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