The Grid

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The Grid is an in-progress website design tool, officially designated as "AI Websites that design themselves". As of June 2015, the website will take your credit card information and says "Beta roll-out beginning in June 2015".

  • smart template engine or generating layout from content
  • see also related project: Grid Style Sheet

The "AI" component is quite unclear up to this day (on the 16th of October 2014).

Provided the team at and especially from what Henri Bergius bio suggests, we might be able to contribute in a near future to open source bricks designed in a NoFlo flow-based programming environment

Content would most likely be hosted on GitHub (via GitHub pages), following this official example.

One might wonder if content could easily be hosted elsewhere by late Spring 2015 (according to the current roadmap and for "founding members") and rendering layout be similarly custom-tailored.