Tutorial: Set up DNS so your new domain name points to your website

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Now that you have a great domain name, and a place that will host your website, we need to set up DNS in a way that when somebody types your domain name into their browser, they will talk to your website's host. That's the purpose of this section.

Prerequisite: you need to know the IP address of your website's host. The IP address consists of four numbers, separated by dots, such as or You got that IP address when you set up the server for your site.

Note: we will be using Hover.com as the registrar for this tutorial section, because we used Hover for Tutorial: Find and purchase a great domain name for your site. If you used a different registrar, you need to use that registrar's website. Chances are it works quite similarly.

Setting up DNS at hover.com so your domain name points to your website

1. When you are logged into hover.com, select "Your Account" and "Domains" from the top-right corner.
2. Then, select the domain name you wish to configure.
3. Ignore all the partner advertisements, and click on the "DNS" menu towards to the top right.
4. Currently, changes are there are four lines listed, two of them of type "A", one of type "MX" and one of type "CNAME". It is possible that your list looks slightly different, but that won't matter.
5. You can leave the "MX" and "CNAME" lines in place, but we need to change both "A" lines. We will do the same thing for both of those lines:
  • Click on the EDIT button.
  • Leave the "hostname" field alone.
  • Change the IP Address field to your website's host's IP address.
  • Leave the TTL unchanged.
  • Click "Save changes".
6. After you have done this for both "A" records, both lines of type "A" should now show your IP address in the Value column.


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