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Twitter Poll is a Twitter feature that lets you post a poll question with up to four answers for people to choose from. Twitter polls run for 24 hours by default but can be set to run between 5 minutes and 7 days.

Polling interface

To create a Twitter poll, a user starts a new tweet, selects the poll button, and is presented with a view that asks for a question, two responses (with the ability to add up to two more), and a duration.

Screenshot of composing a tweet with a poll.

After a poll is created, the owner sees a results view:

Screenshot of a Twitter poll asking, 'Do you answer Twitter polls?' with three options—Yes, No, I've never seen one—displayed in a bar graph.

Followers see a choices view:

Screenshot of the same Twitter poll, but the respondents' view with a button for each choice.

When presented with a poll, followers can 1) select a poll choice and/or 2) add commentary with a reply. After selecting a choice, the current results of the poll are shown.

Screenshot of the same Twitter poll with Yes selected and a reply beneath.

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