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A slug is a series of words in a permalink URL, usually at the end, that are from or representative of the name or text of a post, and thus part of an overall URL design. Slugs are often automatically generated based on the post name, replacing spaces with hyphens and accented characters with English alphabet characters, sometimes edited by the author.


You should use good optional slugs in your permalinks because URLs are part of the user interface (UI).

As long as people share URLs in plain text communications (which is likely forever), URLs are a part of the language people read, and thus adding relevant or key words to a permalink helps the reader decide whether a link is worth viewing or not.

Why optional

All slugs SHOULD only be optional for the reader/browser, or why slugs MUST NOT be a required part of your permalinks:


See: URL_design#Topic for now

This section can/should be expanded with immediately inline how to tips, perhaps with ideas from URL_design#Topic.

How not to

IndieWeb Examples

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Software Examples

  • WordPress creates a slug automatically but lets you edit it.


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