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Pronouns: she/her/hers or they/them/their

A Seattle-based critter who makes code, music, comics, and bad decisions.

Chat Nickname: fluffy

Elsewhere:  @fluffy

Hi, I'm fluffy!

I'm building tools for more general-purpose content management that integrates with the IndieWeb, which I release under the auspices of the PlaidWeb organization. My main focus is on making my own website easier to manage, particularly since I use it to publish a lot of different kinds of content.

Software of note:

  • Publ - a general-purpose website CMS which tries to take the best aspects of static and dynamic publishing. Major focus on flexibly supporting heterogenous content types; I use it to publish my website. It is designed with the UNIX philosophy in mind and is designed to keep sites portable and be more or less stateless on its own.
  • Pushl - a companion tool for sending push notifications (WebSub and WebMention) to consumer endpoints from CMSes that don't have built-in support for such things, such as Publ; it can also be used with arbitrary static site generators (Jekyll, Pelican, etc.).
  • Authl - a Python library that tries to wrap up federated identity into an easier-to-use API (see my explanation of why); the goal is to support any identification scheme that can be encapsulated in a profile URL

I also am one of the current maintainers of Feed on Feeds, a legacy PHP-based RSS/Atom reader.

On project naming

Originally I named Publ (short for "publish") to go along with another planned project, Subl, a feed reader, as a pun on Pub/Sub. I've not ended up working on Subl (despite still wanting to replace FeedOnFeeds with something more modern/maintainable someday) but it still established a naming convention and I decided to just run with it.

If you like, you can pretend "Authl" is short for "authentication library" and "Pushl" is short for... "push... l"